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Every Child Deserves a 5th Birthday. The U.S. Government’s Contribution to A Promise Renewed.


What is 5th Birthday?

Every Child Deserves a 5th Birthday is an awareness-raising campaign led by the U.S. Agency for International Development, in coordination with many partners who work tirelessly each day on behalf of the world's children.

Reaching 5 is an important milestone in child survival. By getting individuals to remember their 5th birthday, we hope to connect that memory with the inequity that is a reality for more than 7 million kids each year. They are dying from largely preventable causes.


How do I upload my photo?

To upload your photo, visit the Post Your Snapshot page, or from the homepage:

Build the Birthday Album > Post & share now

Once on the Snapshot submission form, you will need to provide your name (or nickname) and/or your relationship to the person in the photo (mom, dad, aunt, etc.), where the photo was taken, and either write a wish for kids around the world or choose from our wish list. Then click the " Browse..." button to choose a photo that is smaller than 5MB from your hard drive. Finally, you will need to agree to the terms of use, and click "Submit." That's it! The photo will be submitted to our moderator and if approved will be posted to the site as soon as possible. In the meantime, you can share your photo on your own Facebook and Twitter pages and help spread the message of hope.


If my file size is over 5MB, what can I do to decrease it?

  1. Open Microsoft Paint by going to Start (or the Windows symbol)>All Programs>Accessories>Paint.
  2. In Paint, open your photo by selecting File>Open and then go to the directory or folder in which your photo is located.
  3. To resize your photo, select the resize option from the editing menu, or hit Ctrl+W. For the percentages boxes at the top, set the width and height to 50%.
  4. Save your file by going to File>Save.

At this point, your photo should be less than 5MB. If it does not, repeat this process.


If I don't have a 5th Birthday photo, can I post something else?

We are happy to welcome any images of children around 5 years of age just being themselves. You also don't need to post a snapshot at all and are welcome to share just a wish.


How do I share just a wish?

Visit the Post Your Snapshot page and skip to step 3. (You are not required to attach a photo.)


If I share just a message, how is the icon that is posted with it selected?

The icon posted with a message-only submission is chosen at random from our collection of eight images that represents threats facing children around the world.


How do I search to find my photo or the photo of someone I know?

To search for a photo, please visit the photo gallery page. There are several search options available to help narrow down the snapshots in order to find one in particular.

If you know the name of a photo submitter, enter it in the "Name/Relationship" field. You can also filter by country or state using the dropdown menus. Additionally, if you would like to browse through the photos of notable figures' only, check the "Notable figures" box.


I can’t find my photo and/or message. When will it be posted, and can I be notified?

There is a small delay for photo/message review after your post has been submitted. Unfortunately, there is no way to notify users at this time since we do not collect your e-mail address. Please check back frequently to see if your submission has been approved.


What criteria do the 5th Birthday team use to determine which photos/messages are posted?

The 5th Birthday team looks carefully at each submission for the following:

  • Is the submission off topic?
  • Does a submitted message contain vulgarity or a non-wish sentiment?
  • Is there illegal or inappropriate photo content?

It is possible that a post that falls into the "yes" category of any of the above would be rejected.


Can I share my photo/message on social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)?

There are many ways to spread the word about #5thBDay. Look throughout the site for the Facebook and Twitter logos for opportunities to post on your favorite social media platforms. You can share your own photo after posting, share one of your favorite infographics, join our #5thBDay Facebook and Twitter pages, or post about the #5thBDay movement from our Action page.

Take your pick! Thanks for helping out!


How long will my photo stay posted on 5th Birthday?

If you do not request that your photo be removed, it will stay a property of 5th Birthday indefinitely.


I posted a photo that I wish to remove. How can I do that?

Please contact us with details about your photo and when it was posted, and we will assist you.