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Every Child Deserves a 5th Birthday. The U.S. Government’s Contribution to A Promise Renewed.


Learn more about recent 5th Birthday news and tweet inspiring child survival quotes. Then, view multimedia, and check the campaign themes for upcoming weeks.

Latest News

Commentary: Helping kids have a better tomorrow

Military Times – 6.15.12

"Africa’s most precious resource is its children. Sadly, too many of those children face a future threatened by sickness, disease, morbidity and mortality."

The best story in development

The Economist – 5.19.12

"Better policies, better government, new technology and other benefits are starting to bear fruit."

Living to tell the story

Written by Rachel Fox, ONE blog – 5.31.12

"Think of the world changing that would come with more than 7 million more stories to tell!!"

Healthy women and healthy kids

Written by Carla Koppel, Huffington Post Impact – 5.10.12

"By working together, we can raise awareness of the need to ensure promising futures for women, as well as the girls and boys they help shepherd toward bright futures."

Saving children's lives, closer to home

Written by Jonathan D. Quick, MD, MPH, IMPACTblog – 5.10.12

"Expanding access to quality health care closer to the home will improve child survival in low-income countries."

Every child deserves a 5th birthday

Written by Dr. Ariel Pablos-Mendez, IMPACTblog – 4.23.12

"USAID will increasingly rely on low-cost, easy-to-use interventions that achieve highest impact by preventing and treating the leading causes of child death..."

The world's next milestone.. a vaccine for every child

Written by Rajiv Shah, Global Motherhood Blog – 4.22.12

"Everyone has a role to play when it comes to the survival of the world's children. All we have to do is act."

Briefing on global child survival efforts: every child deserves a fifth birthday [PDF, 380KB]

Kaiser Family Foundation – 4.23.12

"We have the tools we need to change this brutal fact of life...Together these tools cost about $30"

USAID chief hails reduction in Ethiopia's child mortality rate

Voice of America – 4.6.12

"Twenty years ago, every fifth child died by the age of five. Today, 10 out of 11 make it past their fifth birthday."

Ben Affleck, Hillary Clinton Lobby for World Child Survival

ABC News – 6.14.12

"I cannot imagine what it would’ve been like driving my wife to the hospital pregnant, about to give birth and thinking to myself well there’s a 15 percent chance that each of these children won’t live to be five years old."

Ending child mortality

Politico – 6.13.12

"Using existing resources and simple technologies, like bed nets, the initiative is building support for the groundbreaking new focus on child survival in Congo."

A startling and welcome drop in child mortality

WP Opinions – 5.30.12

"'The biggest, best story in development.' That is how Michael Clements, a senior fellow at the Center for Global Development, described swiftly declining child mortality rates in Africa."

AID: Every child deserves a 5th birthday

Written by Phyllis A. Bjorkman, The News Tribune – 5.23.12

"How many children under 5 are dying each year? More than 7 million children from malnutrition, diarrhea and pneumonia especially."

Hillary's latest 'au naturale' moment

Political Ticker – 5.10.12

"Imagine if these two women didn't live to see their 5th birthday. A young Hillary Clinton growing up in the Chicago suburbs wouldn't have grown up to be first lady, a senator and now secretary of state."

Up close: Amie Batson, USAID Deputy Assistant Administrator for Global Health

Impact Magazine – 5.09.12

"It’s about how to reach that child in a rural, hard-to-access area of the developing world with all of these key interventions – not just one of them."

Every birthday starts with the Global Minute

PSI Healthy Lives – 5.01.12

"To reach five years, though, a child must take his or her first breath of life in the first minute following birth."

Every child deserves a 5th birthday

Written by Nicole Schiegg, The White House Blog – 4.23.12

"We have the tools we need to change this brutal fact of life...Together these tools cost about $30"

An alliance the world can count on

Washington Post – 3.12.12

"We're working to improve maternal health and end preventable deaths of children."

Child Survival in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Written by Ben Affleck, Global Motherhood Blog – 7.17.12

"This victory is just one rung on a tall ladder -- and in some cases, our foot is still on the bottom rung."

USAID campaign to raise child health awareness

Andrea Mitchell Report – 6.13.12

"Most of what it takes to save these kids' lives costs less than $30 and fits inside this backpack."

1000 Photos

Written by Dr. Rajiv Shah, Global Motherhood Blog – 6.14.12

"Through shared action, strategic partnerships, and creative social media campaigns, we can finally bring an end preventable child death."

Zimbabwe's great leap toward preventing HIV in children

Written by Chip Lyons, Global Motherhood Blog – 6.01.12

"It's a sad fact that without early treatment, 80% of children with HIV don't survive to see their fifth birthday."

Five simple ways to save a child’s life

UNICEF Field Notes – 5.23.12

"Measuring the circumference of a child’s upper arm with what are called malnutrition tapes helps identify and treat childhood malnutrition."

To help world's children reach fifth birthday, look to this Bangladesh program

Christian Science Monitor – 5.09.12

"SHOUHARDO is about much more than strikes at the underlying causes of malnutrition, including the deep inequities between women and men."

Cookies for breakfast, and other lofty goals

Written by Deborah Phillips, Global Motherhood Blog – 5.07.12

"Every kid deserves the simple wishes that go along with a carefree childhood."

Do you remember being 5?

Written by Chrysula Winegar, A Million Moms Challenge – 4.23.12

"USAID is celebrating 5th birthdays. You can join the movement for more children to reach their 5th birthday..."

Every child deserves a 5th birthday

Written by Jordan Rief, IMPACTblog – 4.10.12

"When I think about how a single mosquito bite almost deprived the world of this amazing kid, it makes me want to do whatever I can to get the word out about malaria. "

Facebook and the new lottery of life

Washington Post – 2.28.12

"The future course of human progress will be determined by our ability to ensure the right conditions exist for every child born in the developing world to survive childhood...."



  • Why 5thBDay? Introduction Video
    Watch the introduction video for Every Child Deserves a 5th Birthday, which is an awareness-raising campaign led by the U.S. Agency for International Development, in coordination with many partners who work tirelessly each day on behalf of the world's children.

  • Sesame Workshop Celebrates Every Child Deserves a 5th Birthday
    Sesame Workshop's mission is to use the educational power of media to help children everywhere reach their highest potential. In support of the Every Child Deserves a 5th Birthday child survival campaign, Sesame Workshop pulled together footage from their programs in several countries. The educational programs showcase: vaccination campaigns, hand washing, malaria control and HIV anti stigma efforts.

Press & Partners: Weekly Campaign Themes

  • The week of April 22-28 is the 5th Birthday Campaign Launch and Malaria.
  • The week of April 30-May 6 is newborn health.
  • The week of May 7-13 is maternal health.
  • The week of May 14-19 is nutrition and 1,000 days.
  • The week of May 20-26 is family planning.
  • The week of May 27-June 2 is prevention of mother to child transmission of HIV.
  • The week of June 3-9 is mHealth.
  • The week of June 10-16 is the Child Survival Call to Action.

Press? Looking for more information? Please contact us at