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Every Child Deserves a 5th Birthday. The U.S. Government’s Contribution to A Promise Renewed.

How are we working together to end preventable child deaths? It started with unity and shared purpose. Global leaders have come together to focus on proven solutions that will give children around the world further hope of survival. Learn more about the progress that's been made, the solutions that save lives, and the stories of projects and programs that are successfully ending child deaths.


Since the Child Survival Call to Action in June of 2012, 176 countries and more than 400 civil society and faith based organizations have signed the A Promise Renewed pledge to accelerate declines in child mortality. Through country events and global efforts to strengthen work on various contributing to child survival, countries and partners are turning their pledge into action.

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Most of what we need to do to end preventable child deaths is inexpensive and evidence based. To ensure these solutions are available to children in even the most hard to reach places, USAID is working with partners and encouraging country ownership. Together, we are using low-cost, high-impact solutions such as family planning, nutrition, clean cord care, and much more to help more children reach age 5.

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Stories of Hope

When faced with adversity, people come together to implement proven, effective solutions to save children's lives. Read about the projects and programs that are helping to end preventable child deaths right now.

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